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GENIUS Lynx 07
The LYNX 07 control unit is designed and built for managing elctromechanical barriers for controlling residential accesses.
Board Dimensions: 147mm x 112mm
Technical features:
Supply voltage of control unit: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power: 3 W
Motor absorbed power: 500 W
Accessories max. load: 500 mA
Power supply and indicator light max. load: 230 Vac 25 W
Power supply and max load of barrier status indicator light: 24 Vdc 5 W
Operating ambient temperature: -20°C +55°C
Protective fuses: F1= T5A (transformer and motor primary winding); F2= T500mA (accessories and indicator light)
Function logics: Automatic /Step-by-step automatic /Semiautomatic /Step-by-step semiautomatic /Condo
Opening / closing time: in self learning mode during first manoeuvre
Pause time: nine levels able up to a maximum of 4 minutes
Motor power: adjustable on several levels
Slow-down time: three able levels
Obstacle detection: with optional encoder able functions: Operates with or without encoder / Encoder sensitivity/Automatic closure / Open input operation/ Condo function / Slow-down percentage/ Heating function / Immediate closure / Timer function / Soft start / Photocells operation / Maintenance request
Terminal board inputs: Opening / Closure / Photocells / Opening travel limit device /Closure travel limit device / Stop / Mains power supply / Earthing
Inputs with connector: radio module / thrust capacitor / encoder
Terminal board outputs: Power supply to accessories / Flashing lamp / Motor / Indicator light.

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.  
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GENIUSLYNX07 GENIUS Lynx 07 Control Panel
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