Faac 770 24Vdc Motor

Faac 770 24Vdc, Underground electro-mechanical operator for swing gates up to 3.5m and 500kg per leaf

  • - Underground operator for residential gates with leaves of up to 2.5 metres in length.
  • - Automation for gates of up to 500kg per leaf.
  • - Protection class IP67.
  • - To “initialise” the automated system, just carry out the SETUP operation, selecting a suitable dipswitch.
  • The following parameters are automatically self-learned during this operation:
    - Opening/closing times
    - Pause time
    - Traction/thrust force
    - Deceleration at end of opening and closing
    - Soft start (starting at gradual speed)
    -Continuously controlled electronic clutch, active at both opening and closing
    - Four sensitivity levels
    - Movement reversed in case of an obstacle
    - Emergency stop function ( if clutch operates for two consecutive cycles)
  • - Emergency battery (optional) ensuring operation during a power cut (15 cycles max)
  • £ 360.14(Ex VAT £300.12)
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    Faac 770 24Vdc Motor
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