Faac 390 24V Motor

Faac 390 24V - Electro-mechanical operator with articulated arm for residential swing-leaf gates up to 1.8m per leaf (3m with electric lock) and bi-folding doors with 1.5m maximum width of single panel.

- Electromechanical operator.

- Suitable for gates up to 3m per leaf.

- Articulated arm for easy install.

- Ideal choice for large pillars.

- Electronic Safety.

- Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an electronic device installed on the FAAC control boards, which directly controls drive torque. In case of an emergency, the release key makes it possible to  operate the gate manually.

- The FAAC 390 electro-mechanical device cuts down considerably on maintenance. Reliability is assured under all atmospheric conditions and in an outdoor temperature range of -20oC to +55oC.

- Control unit not included.

PLEASE NOTE: The articulated arm does not come included with the motor. You can find the arm seperate below if you would like to order this part too.

£ 331.61(Ex VAT £276.34)
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Faac 390 24V Motor
Ex VAT: £276.34
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