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FES 180 - Wireless

FES180BT Electric Gate Photocells - 180° SWIVELLING outdoor wall photocell with BATTERIES (no wires).

Shielded panel to prevent from interferences and for sun protection.


RX Power Supply 12/24 Vdc/Vac
TX Power Supply P3V (2pcs of 1,5V AAA LR03)
Battery life 24 months (dependant on the power ed)
Dimensions 105X36X35 mm
Data bus signalling flat battery I.T.F.01

Item Code & description
1663 FES180BT Battery photocell Set
£55.00 Ex VAT: £45.83
Instruction Manual for the E-Gates FES 180 Photocells
E-Gates FES 180 Manual
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