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BDG Double Sided Digital Gate Lock

This digital gate lock combines the convenience of a mechanical keypad with the ease of installation of the Superlock range.  To fit simply drill three holes in the gate frame and bolt the lock on.

This lock has keypads on both sides.

No power needed – Mechanical keypads for a quick and easy install
Adaptable – Slim 70mm case means this lock can suit a variety of different gate styles
Secure – Latchbolt projects up to 20mm into the gate post which increases security and gives more tolerance
Long lasting – Bolt support plate with brass bearing ensures lock will last!
Adjustable – Latchbolt can be adjusted in length and set to left hand or right hand
Auto-latching – Close the gate and the latchbolt latches into the gate frame. To open the gate – enter the code and turn the handle.
Keypad on both sides – Also available as a keypad and rear handle


Easy to fit - Slim 70mm wide lock case along with adjustable and removable latchbolt ensure easy fitting to gates.
Secure - The latchbolt moves 15mm ensuring the bolt enters deep into the gatepost.
Durable - The latchbolt is supported on the edge of the gatepost to reduce friction and wear.
Non handed - Suits both left and right hand gates.
£ 148.00(Ex VAT £123.33)
Item Code & Description
BDG4060 to fit 40-60mm gate frames
Ex VAT: £123.33
BDG1030 to fit 10-30mm gate frames
Ex VAT: £122.98
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