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In this section you will also find we are the main stockist for Saimatic PM 8000 and CTR17- gate control panels. We also offer the PM 10000, PM8100 and CTR32- gate controllers that have the slowdown feature along with self learning for single and twin gates. The CTR19- is usually used for the Veloce swing arm system.

There are many electric gate systems from the company Boss Automation still in service today that you may need spares for.  Examples are the Plug and Press system from Boss.  We can usually find replacement compatible parts for this kind of gate automation.

 We usually have in stock the following gate controllers, PCB cards, control boxes and circuit boards.


Gate Controller, PCB, PM 8000, PM8000, CTR17-, CTR18-, CTR19-, CTR29, CTR31-, CTR32-, CTR33-, CTR34-, CTR47-, PM5000, 114495, 904A, PM8100, PM 8100, PM10000, 114975, Q52, Mod T-10, Mod T1, Q12/24 Q12V2, EL1561, EL/1561, Boss Automation Plug and Press, Zap 8000, Zap 8800, TS 21, Erreka tecno, MV 80, MY 80

Control Panels
genius sprint 05 control panel
The GENIUS Sprint 05 Control Panel.
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FROM: £138.80
(Ex VAT £115.67)
twin or single gate controller 12vdc or 24vdc
Twin or Single Gate Controller 12VDC or 24VDC
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FROM: £0.00
(Ex VAT £0.00)
genius lynx 05 control panel
The Lynx 03 is a wall mounted control panel for access control.
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FROM: £255.27
(Ex VAT £212.73)
genius geo 07 control panel
Supply Voltage (Vac): 230 (+ 6% -10%) 50Hz Max absorbed power (W): 12 Load max. Engines (W): 800 Load max. Accessories (mA): 300 Operating Temp (° C): -20 +55 Circuit Protection Fuses: Network / Accessories
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FROM: £454.35
(Ex VAT £378.63)
genius sprint 11
GENIUS Sprint 11 Control Panel.
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FROM: £186.38
(Ex VAT £155.32)
genius geo 08 control panel.
The GENIUS Geo 08.
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FROM: £97.15
(Ex VAT £80.96)
genius geo 13 control panel
GENIUS Geo 13 Control Panel.
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FROM: £880.21
(Ex VAT £733.51)
genius lynx 05 control panel
Thanks to the high-performance microcontroller, this 24V control unit for the barrier operates in a wide range of adjustments, monitors the motor and enables it to decelerate.\r\n\r\nThanks to the built-in encoder, the control unit monitors the position of the barrier boom and its movement. This allows you to quickly prevent an emergency situation.\r\n\r\nThe function of the test of photocells allows to check their serviceability before the functioning of the barrier
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FROM: £126.90
(Ex VAT £105.75)
faac e145 control board
This control board has been designed to control both swing-leaf and sliding-leaf gates for vehicle and pedestrian access control. • The E145 comes with safezone technology - obstacle detection and reversal on contact. (when the optional encoder is used). • Greentech are solutions which save up to 90% of power compared to traditional systems ( thanks to the innovative power supply switching systems. • The board is able to automatically adapt to different input voltages (from 90V~ to 260V~), maintaining a constant output voltage to accessories. • Added connectivity - the new boards support BUS 2EASY and can be programmed from PC/MAC • Backward compatible - can be fitted to exisiting installations • Can automatically find the deceleration and stop points during setup when using the safecoder with physical stops. • In event of power failure the optional absolute encoder keeps the leaf position memorised • It has embedded radio decoding in order to support only orginal FAAC
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FROM: £218.88
(Ex VAT £182.40)
faac model l housing for control boards
Dimensions (LxDxH): 213 x 118 x 270 (mm)\r\n3 closing plugs for Ø 29 hole\r\n2 knockout holes Ø 19
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FROM: £26.57
(Ex VAT £22.14)
faac model e housing for control boards
IP 55 Protection class Wall- or fl ush-mounting Designed for securing to DIN guide Fuse-holder screw fi t lid Cover closing by 4 self-tapping screws Seats for capacitor supports Dimensions (LxDxH): 204 x 85 x 265 (mm)
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FROM: £16.95
(Ex VAT £14.13)
beninca control panel for the vigilant 800 bollard
for up to 2 bollards, with a battery backup. 2 Year Guarantee.
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FROM: £1782.00
(Ex VAT £1485.00)