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CTR19 / PM 10000 Gate Control Panel
CTR19 / PM 10000 Gate Control Panel

CTR19 Sliding Gate or Twin Swing Gate with limit switch inputs for each motor independently 230V AC.

Also known as a PM 10000 gate control panel.

Features Include:
  • Inputs status signal.
  • Runs with or without limit switches.
  • Gate torque can be set by electric trimmer.
  • Motors working times by trimmer.
  • Control of starting of maximum start up power motor.
  • Three logics of operation can be ed,
  • Pedestrian wing control,
  • Double photocells input with separate logics of operation,
  • Electrolock control,
  • Molex radio receiver slot. 
  • 24V AC output for accessories.
  • With or without kickback for latch locks.
  • Hardwired input points for open/close buttons or 3rd party controls,
  • Courtesy light or electrochain output
  • Plug in Radio Card not standard- can be purchased seperately
Commonly known as, PM10000 or CTR19 gate controller.

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.

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Instruction Manual for the LEB CTR 19 PCB
LEB CTR 19 PCB Manual
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