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BFT Desme Photocell
BFT Desme Photocell

For use as a safety devices for electric gates, to stop gates from closing onto vehicles and pedestrians when approaching or passing through the gate area.

Flat, self-aligning photocell receiver-transmitter set, external installation, range up to 30m power supply 24Vac.

Available for both horizontal and vertical fitting.

The C130 photocells have been upgraded to Desime photocells, the fittings are the same to allow for a direct swap, if fitting onto C130 photocell posts you can get an adaptor that allows the Desime photocells to be fitted to the C130 posts.

Pair of self-aligning photocells. Range 30 m. Power supply 24 v ac/dc. Design, innovation and technology. These are the messages conveyed by the new range of photocells, that perfectly combine style, functionality, practicality, safety, ergonomics and functionality. The possibility of orienting the infrared beam in the DESME A.15 O model allows quick and easy installation of the photocells even on walls or columns that are not aligned with each other, thereby saving time and ensuring a neat and perfect installation. The infrared signal generated by DESME A.15 O is encoded and synchronised so that each receiver installed can receive information only from its associated transmitter, thus eliminating any possibility of blinding of the photocells.

PHP-ADA-CC - Adapter

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