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BENINCA 24Vdc BRAINY24 Control Panel
BENINCA 24Vdc BRAINY24 Control Panel

24 Vdc control unit for 1 or 2 actuators for swing gates, opposing sliding gates, and industrial folding doors with a maximum of 2 sections, with built-in radio receiver.

• Built-in LCD display
• Built-in 433.92 MHz 64 codes and 3 codes radio receiver
(programmable code, rolling code, ARC)
• Removable terminal blocks
• Separate limit switch inputs for each motor
• Open, close and pedestrian inputs
• Open-close and close photocell inputs
• N.C. or 8K2 safety edge input
• 12 Vdc electric lock output
• Gate open indicator light output, service light, second radio
channel and test photocells
• Operating parameters autoset
• Electronic adjustment of individual couple for each motor
• Crush prevention security with amperometric sensor detection
and encoder management
• Independent decelerations during open and close for each motor
• Optional parameter configuration and remote control management
using the Advantouch system
• Number of manoeuvres
• Programming access password
• Maintenance reminder

A mains filter should be fitted on the supply to the control panel.
It reduces mains interference and prolongs the life of the PCB.
£ 239.76(Ex VAT £199.80)
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BENINCA 24Vdc BRAINY24 Control Panel
Ex VAT: £199.80
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