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All 4 One Universal Standalone Receiver

This universal radio receiver allows for exceptional versatility in all installations. Its unique advantage is the ability to memorise remote controls of different brands, codes ( fixed and rolling) and frequencies all into one receiver.

The universal receiver allows, in most cases, to unify installations or to replace broken remote control radio receivers without the need to change the current remote controls and therefore to guarantee a better service continuity with only a minor inconvenience for the user.

Two relay outputs.
The relays can be controlled to be latched or timed in seconds or minutes, so there is the possibility to use this device as a timer for controlling other devices, outside lighting or pond pumps etc.
Item Code & description
1905 4790333 All4One Universal Standalone Receiver
£48.00 Ex VAT: £40.00
Instruction Manual for the All 4 One Radio Reciever

All 4 One Radio Receiver

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