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AES GSM5AS10 Stainless Steel Wireless GSM Intercom
GSM-5AS10, GSM Intercom
GSM intercom systems using mobile phone technology to trigger the gate release. All you need is a SIM card.

Sim Card provided but it is recommended to use your own Pay as you Go SIM Card as it allows you to choose a SIM Card with the provider that gives best signal in your area.

No range limits at all.
Can ring multiple numbers in sequence, so if you are not at home you can receive a call on your mobile and grant access to your visitor.Access control built in by telephone number recognition. Program friends into the system to allow 'Dial To Open' that they can simply "ring your gate" to gain access".
Uses your existing phone line or mobile, no need for additional handsets inside your house

Key Features:
Stainless steel curved front profile, surface mounted.
Blue back lighting lighting up the wall behind the panel.
All in one GSM intercom, with GSM electronics built inside the call point for fast, simple installation.
Dials up to 3 numbers in sequence when call button is pressed.Incorporating access control by caller ID, for up to 100 authorised users.
Easy programming by text message.
Complete with power supply.

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