AES 4G Video GSM Predator Intercom

The new video GSM intercom from AES uses 4G technology to send a video signal to your mobile device with no range limits. Using a 4G sim card this intercom eliminates the need for Wi-Fi connectivity and signal limitations.

Video GSM is the next generation in intercom technology and with no range limits, the user can view the display from the intercom via their mobile device as long as they have a 4G signal.
  • 4G version of the fastest growing AES product, the Predator Video Intercom.
  • Connects to 4G network with 4G compatible SIM (not included).
  • No need for Wi-Fi connectivity. Totally independent from home network.
  • Easy plug and play setup with the same app as Wi-Fi version.
  • Simply connect both devices together via Ethernet cable (supplied), connect power and log on with provided credentials.
  • Complete with 24V dc PSU (for intercom), and POE adaptor (for the modem).
  • 100 calls per ½ gb of data (based on 30-second calls).

As well as broadcasting a display straight to your mobile device, this intercom can also use the 10" AES Touch handset found on previous Wi-Fi models. This allowing you to receive a video display on a large monitor in the comfort of your own home.

 Touch Screen Monitor Details:
  • Wall mount touch screen monitor (1280x800 Resolution), compatible with the Predator system
  • 10.1 Inch screen IPS LCD Android screen with RJ-45 interface USB port
  • WIFI connectable
  • 12vdc or POE
  • Complete with both wall mount bracket and desk stand
  • Android OS (4.4.2) with Predator PRO app pre-loaded
  • A64 Quad Core 1.6ghz

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