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Roger Technology T90/F4ESO 180 Photocells

The new Roger Series T90 photocells are designed in such a way as to increase the safety of the system and simplify their installation with several advantages.

An innovative design ideal for any architectural form.Designed for installation in very narrow spaces.Special covers to protect the screws with an scratch-proof support release system.Ability to synchronise two photocell pairs.Detector using LEDs of the quality of the signal to optimise the centring of the photocells.Ability to adjust the range distances on two levels.

Standard power: 12/24V ac 50Hz – 12/24V dc
Absorption: TX=19mA, RX=20mA
Maximum distance in open field: 10 – 15 m
Relay contacts max current: 0,5A RX
Relay contacts max voltage: 30V
Operating temperature: -20 C? + 60 C?
Installation Type: External
Maximum number of photocells synchronized: 4

£ 55.20(Ex VAT £46.00)
Item Code & Description
Roger Technology T90/F4ESO 180 Photocells (Pair)
Ex VAT: £46.00
3334 + 3335
T90/F4ESO 180 Photocells (Pair) & Trix50 Posts (Pair)
Ex VAT: £137.00
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