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App Based Mobile Entry GSM Switch CD-272

CD-272 is a dual function device that combines Cellular Dialer and Gate Opener in one unit. 

It is compatible with all our Alarm Control Panels and Access Control Keypads for feature enhancement; which makes a local alarm system to report alarm event to 5 preset telephones and makes keypad to actuate electric door lock via mobile or line telephone. CD-272 is almost compatible with all the alarm control panels & keypads on the market.

CD-272 has two versions for worldwide market. The CD-272E employs a 2G/3G Cellular module with European frequency bands while the CD-272A employs a 3G cellular module with American frequency bands. It will alert the owner and associate users with text message or ring calls to their mobile phone or line phone while alarm occurs.

CD-272 has 3 Operation Modes for owner selection to cope with different application environments

Dialer + Gate Opener (default) ---- Both functions are enabled. The system is shared  for two functions. 

Suitable for low access control traffic environment at home or office.

Dialer Only ------------------------------ Dedicates for alarm event reporting; the Gate Opener is disabled.

Gate Opener Only --------------------- Dedicate for Gate Opener; the Dialer is disabled.


Dialer & Gate Opener Common Features

Master Code for System Feature Programming Authorization

Master Code, Owner's Contact Phone Number, System Operation Mode and SIM Card Testing

Interval Settings are Authoried with (MSA) Switch (Master-Setting-Authorization)

Programmable 1-6 Weeks SIM Card Active Testing

Dialer Performs Signal Strength Testing with SMS Testing Command

Function and Feature Programming with SMS from Mobile Phone

Maximum 30 Characters Including Space SMS Text

Execute Dialing Immediately for Alarm Notification after Opener Comment Finish While System

Has Been Busy in Dialer + Opener Mode.


Dialer Section

Five Telephone Numbers (1 Owner + 4 Auxiliary) for Receiving Alarm SMS and Ring Call. The Owner

Number Also Receives System Status SMS.

Telephone Number Can be 30 Digits Maximum

Three Alarm Notification Formats: 1) SMS + Ring, 2) SMS Only, or 3) Ring Only

Two Isolated Input Terminals for Alarm Event Triggers. e.g. Burglar, Fire or Others

Input Terminals Independently Selectable for Ring Only to Prevent SIM Card Charges

Input Terminals Response Time Programmable between 1-10 Seconds to Prevent Arm-Disarm Ring

Back Signal or Interference from External Alarm Control Panel

Programmable Inactive Timer after Dialing Prevents Undesirable Repeat Triggering

One Alarm Output Relay with NC and NO Output Contacts to Drive External Device


Gate Opener Section

Operate with or without Authorization Phone Number

1000 Authorization Phone Numbers Maximum to Operate The Gate Opener

Text to Open for Pedestrian Gate

Text to Keep Main Gate And Pedestrian Gate Temporarily Open with Super User Code

Text to Temporarily Stop Operation of The Opener Section During The Time of After Office Hour or Nobody at Home

Two Relay Outputs for Main Gate (O/P 1) And Pedestrian Gate (O/P 2) Actuation

Relay Outputs Are Programmable for 2 – 60 Seconds (default 2 sec)

Two Auxiliary Egress Button for Main Gate and Pedestrian Gate Actuation for Emergency Case



CD-272E -- 2G/3G Frequency Band for European Networks

CD-272A -- 3G Frequency Band for American Networks

Power Supply Voltage: 12-24VDC – 1 Amp Max.

Operating Current: 50mA (Quiescent); 180mA Max.

Two Inputs: Isolated Non-Polarity Input 10-24VDC; or Configure for Dry Contact Trigger

One Alarm Relay Output for Dialer: Form C Relay with NC & NO Dry Contacts

Two Door/Gate Actuation Relay Outputs: Form C Relays with NC & NO Dry Contacts

Contact Rating of Output Relays: 5Amp / 30VDC Dry Contacts

No Land Line Is Required

Programmed by SMS Text Message

Operation Temperature: -10 to +40 Degree C

Indoor Installation

Dimension:  92(H) X 160/198(W) X 46(D) mm 

Weight:  360g

Use N.O. (Normally Open) relay output contact for Fail-secure electric door lock while N.C. (Normally Closed) relay output contact for Fail-safe electric door lock.

Fail-secure Electric Lock --- Normally de-energized; power ON to unlock, power OFF to lock.
Fail-safe Electric Lock ------ Normally energized; power ON to lock. Power OFF to Unlock.

Connect the IN4004 diode as close as possible across the power input terminals of the electric door lock with correct polarity to absorb the back EMF and electric spikes that maydisturb or damage the system.




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App Based Mobile Entry GSM Switch CD-272
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