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Pack of 5 Magnetic Locks Including Brackets (500kg)

Bundle includes x5 (500kg) magnetic locks including brackets, each kit includes:

  • 500kg Magnetic Lock suitable for exterior use
  • Mounting Z & L brackets available.

When purchasing in bulk the price of each 500kg maglock pack is only £65, an incredible saving of 40%!

How does a maglock work on an electric gate?
A maglock requires a separate power supply 12V DC normally 1.5 - 2 amps.
A 12V DC or 24V AC Relay with normally closed contacts and a diode.
Your control board lock output is powered before the start of the opening for a few seconds.
The maglock is powered all the time from the separate power supply and the relay is connected to your control box lock output.  The relay is used to cut the power to the maglock when the gate is opening for a few seconds, after that the magnet re-energises and naturally will grab the plate on closing. 
The few seconds that your gate board will fire the lock output will be sufficient to cut the power to the lock. 
A relay has a power side that incorporates the control boards 12v DC / 24V AC lock output to energise the relay coil and thus either make a set of contacts (normally open) or in this case break a set of contacts (normally closed).
A timer relay will be required if your release is less than 4 seconds.
The 2 amp power supply is powered by a mains feed and the negative goes directly to the maglock, whilst the positive goes to the lock passing through the normally closed contact of the relay en route.
£ 390.00(Ex VAT £325.00)
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Pack of 5 Magnetic Locks Including Brackets (500kg)
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