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Pack of 5 PD132 Vehicle Presence Detector Kits

Package includes x5 PD132 Vehicle Presence Detector kits, each including:

  • x1 Vehicle presence detector controller
  • x1 100m inductive loop
  • x3 tubes of sealer

When purchasing in bulk the price of each kit is only £95+ VAT, a huge saving of 40%.

Vehicle Presence Detector Controller (Inductive Loop)
This device connects to your gate control panel and allows your gate to open automatically when a vehicle enters the 'Loop' hidden in your drive. Vehicle Inductive loop presence detectors work upon the principle of the change of inductance in the coil when the electromagnetic field is disturbed by a metallic object. The coil is a cable loop embedded in the roadway whose inductance is altered when crossed over by a vehicle. This vehicle induction loop presence detector works in conjunction with all our gate systems. It can be used to trigger the gate opening or fitted for protection, to prevent the gate from closing.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Used for wherever vehicles have to be detected
  • Monitoring and safe-guarding access ways or for counting vehicles
  • Output signal can be used for controlling door and gate automation, traffic barriers and controlling traffic light systems or activating card dispensers in car parks.
  • Uses advanced microprocessor technology and can work in diverse environments
  • Two way output relays, one is unlimited output when loop is permanently covered and whilst the other is multi-mode that can be set by users
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Power consumption: <5W
  • Output relays: upto 230VAC, 5A
  • Frequency range: 20 to 170kHz (4 grades adjustable)
  • Reaction time: 10ms
  • Signal holding time: unlimited/limited to 10 when minutes loop is permanently covered
  • Sensitivity: 8 grades (adjustable)

Resin sealer required for the loop slot made in the driveway.

£ 572.40(Ex VAT £477.00)
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Pack of 5 PD132 Vehicle Presence Detector Kits
Ex VAT: £477.00
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