Electric Gates - Above Ground Electric Gate Automation Systems

We supply a wide range of gate automation systems (electric gate kits) for aboveground use.  We offer both high and low voltage kits.  All our electric gates come with comprehensive fitting instructions and free technical help prior to, during and post fitting.  If you have a particular requirement, please e-mail us and we will suggest a gate automation kit with the exact specification to suit your needs.

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Choosing a system to suit your gates

We provide electric gates to cover all gate types and weights, from a 3.5m 5 bar wooden estate gate to an industrial twin up to 6m per wing. 

     The stroke of the motor is more important than the power. 

StrokeChoosing your electric gates

If you put a 280 - 310 mm stroke motor on gates with a large 3m wing, it will open too fast, and trip off too easily. Opposite - If you put a 380 - 410 mm stroke motor on gates with a smaller 2 - 2.5m wing it will open slower.


All our above ground electric gate motors will handle gates up to 300 kg per wing. (Guide - If two people can lift one of your wings the gates won't weigh above 200 kg.)


Remember your gates are on hinges and you can swing them by hand, you don't want an electric gate motor that can move 1/2 ton, you need one that will move your gates and still trip off if it hits an obstruction easily.

We don't sell gate motors or automatic gates kits that need to run on full power.

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