Bedslide the pick up Sliding Cargo Tray
that brings everything into easy reach.

Sliding Cargo Tray also known as sliding floor, sliding cargo area, sliding load area, sliding bed, load slide, cargo slide, pick up drawer, vanslide.
Bedslide Sliding Cargo Tray - A device that moves the cargo or load usually from a pick up truck or van to rear of the vehicle for easy reach. The main purpose of the Sliding Cargo Tray :- Sliding Cargo Tray
  • Safety - To avoid an operator having to climb into the rear of a vehicle un-aided.
  • Speed - It allows the user to work more efficiently thus achieving more output.
  • Efficiency - It brings the full load carrying capacity of the pick up or van into use.
Features of the  Bedslide
  • Load - It is important that a sliding cargo or load tray can carry the capacity you require.  On many occasions the required capacity is not achieved and the sliding cargo trays are damaged due to over loading or can be unsafe.
  • Weight - Remember your sliding cargo tray is designed to move the load not add to it.  It needs to be able to be lifted out by two people without the need for a forklift truck.
  • Design - The simpler the design, the less to go wrong.  Sealed steel bearings are preferred for longer life.
  • Installation / Removal  - You need to be able to fit and remove the sliding cargo tray without the need for specialist tools.

    Bedslide Sliding Cargo Tray is No1 worldwide because it fits all the above criteria with ease