Solar Powered Gates

We offer a wide range of 12v solar gate opener systems for above ground and underground use.  All these systems can be battery powered, and the battery charged via a solar panel.

Why Solar Power

A solar powered gate opener is completely self-sufficient and can work miles away from the nearest mains power.  If your mains power is above 75 metres away there is a significant saving compared to the ground work and the cost of armoured cable.

Which Solar Panel?

Solar panel technology has advanced over the years and the latest mono crystalline panels are capable of producing electricity with full cloud cover.  Some people refer to these as moon light panels.  Choosing the right panel is important, our panels have built in diodes to stop them discharging the battery at night. 

What else do I need?

A quality leisure battery is recommended, because they withstand being charged and discharged better.  We supply a tried and tested marine leisure battery that should give you years of trouble free power.  To protect the battery from overcharging a voltage regulator is required.

How Long Will It Last?

A fully charged wet battery would power the gates for approx. 1 month  of normal operation (with battery saver relay upto 3 months), and because it's also being charged via the solar panel the system should run and run. 

Choosing Your Gate Opener

The kits listed with the solar power kit are all suitable for solar or battery power.  The motors are true 12v so there is no loss of performance at all.  The photocells and board are modified to give the lowest power consumption around

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