At The Electric Gate Shop we supply a wide range of gate automation motors for underground use.

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Factors affecting underground gate opener choice and our expert opinions. 

You may see our gate widths and weights are often below the actual manufactures specifications, simply because we have seen the kits working on actual gates for many years.

Often we are confronted with a specification that a unit will open a gate up to 3.5m weighing up to 800kg, look at it another way 3.5m is an absolute maximum not a norm, and 800kg will be for a 1.5 - 2m wing not 3.5m. 

We have a no nonsense approach to specifying, and customers who purchase from us should get a system that should work their gates trouble free for many years.

Drainage - Almost all underground electric gate motors require adequate drainage or a soak away, although the Sub 180 is a fully sealed unit, also the Sub Motor is oil immersed for long life.

Wrought Iron Gates - For smaller gates up to 2.0m per wing 1st the BA502 Sub 180E2, 2nd Sub Terra and 3rd BFT Sub R, upto 3.0m per wing 1st Roger Technology, 2nd VDS Elite and 3rd V2 Tekton.  Large gates up to 3.5m per wing 1st DEA Ghost, 2nd Faac 770 and 3rd Came Frog.

Wooden Gates - For gates up to 1.8m per wing 1st Sub 180 BA502, with wooden gate arms, the only unit where you can hang the gate on both hinges and stil
l adjust the gates.  Larger gates 1st DEA Ghost a very powerful motor and very strong foundation box it will cope with the wind factor. 2nd, Roger Technology but only for wings up to 2.5m.

Value For Money - The Sub Terra is the cheapest kit but the Roger
Technology is the best value for money, very similar to the Came Frog for a fraction of the cost, 2nd VDS Elite, 3rd V2 Tekton.

Ease Of Fitting - 1st The BA502 Sub 180 it has a small footpUnderground Gate Operatorsrint, it is fully sealed and can be fitted to existing swinging gates, it also can have arms for wooden gates and open and closing electronic limit switches. Joint 2nd the VDS Elite or the Roger Technology.

Opening 180º - 1st Sub 180 is gear driven so is the most positive drive. 2nd DEA Ghost it has the strongest chain drive of any kit.  3rd Stone 180 it is designed for this and has an adjustable chain tensioner and limit switches.
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Underground Kits and Prices

DEA GHOST Sub 200 24 / 230V Twin Underground Gate Kit

DEA GHOST Sub 200 24 / 230V Twin Underground Gate Kit
DEA GHOST SUB 200 Twin Motor Kit, to suit wings upt o 3.5m per wing.

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